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11 Things I Learned as a Blogger Turned Entrepreneur + My Journey Story

written by myrra kate

I’ve started my coaching and online education business as a blogger turned entrepreneur last March 2019. In fact, I don’t remember the exact date because, really, there isn’t any. It was just a matter of thought and decision and without even having any idea how I would do it, I just did it — kinda like how I started this blog.

My Story as a Blogger Turned Entrepreneur

Let’s take a quick run down the memory path, shall we?


I launched the “The Limitless YOU” podcast up on Spotify and iTunes, a podcast for everyone who wants to get inspiration and tips on how they can start building the business of their dreams and be the best version of themselves.


I launched my first online training which is the Your Profitable Niche Version 1.0 and got some students to enroll. (If you want to learn how I launched my online course in just 2 weeks, sign up to my FREE training here). I did this while also focusing on my studies as I was on my last semester in college and working on my side-hustle as a content creator and social media manager of a private resort here in the Philippines. I turned 21 that month, too, and I committed to a quantum shift in my mindset as I thought “I’ve had enough”. So then goes my MIND-BLOWING decision because in the next month…


I hired my first EVER business coach. You can be sure as heck that I was freaking out, literally feeling like I could pee my pants right then and there. I didn’t have the money (I was a freakin’ student and living off of my parent’s allowance and my side hustle!) but my intuition told me to do so. What else can I do better than to trust it — trust the voice inside of me saying “take the leap”? I was scared shitless. Nonetheless, I went on. During this month, I also had a breakdown because I was told that I needed to change the topic of my ENTIRE thesis with only just about 25 days before the deadline of submission. So I took a break from social media and began to focus solely on my one HIGHLIGHT goal: finish writing the first draft of my thesis. And I did.


I got a few more students to enroll in my first course that’s already running by then. I gave a bonus coaching call with them to evaluate how the course was and jumped up and down when they told me that the course gave them SO MUCH value and helped them gain clarity. I also got a MAJOR burnout in this month again because I was running around with school deadlines, thesis writing, things to prepare for graduation, and side-hustle job. Plus, during this month, I was working with my first ever clients for FREE — I was willing to do it for free because 1) my coach advised it and 2) I was building my experience and gradually shutting down my ego who’s constantly enveloping me with disempowering beliefs. I was SO exhausted but I kept believing that the universe is rigged in my favor and that God has my back, so giving up wasn’t an option at all.

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I graduated from college (finally, after 5 years!) with a degree in Development Communication. I gave myself some break during this month as well by letting myself gradually transition to life after college. There were overwhelming feelings and the last thing I wanted to have is yet again another burnout. I took it slowly and focused on becoming utterly present whether that be on my hangouts with friends or celebrations with my family. But here comes the REWARD: I signed on my first paying client. I was absolutely freaking out — in a good, thrilling way! I knew this was just the beginning. Oh, and I also launched my new brand and website, Myrra Kate, and moved from “” to “” that month. All thanks to my good friend, Hae Park, for all the help and support!


I had a trip with my Mom to Korea where I didn’t do any work at all except posting some announcements on IG because it was this month that I opened The Scale Your Blog Collective FB group community. This was in line with my absolute mission to build a thriving community of like-minded women to support and help each other. If you’re planning to grow your blog and scale it by launching profitable online courses, feel free to sign up to my FREE masterclass here!


I launched the Your Profitable Niche Version 2.0! I made HUGE updates for this course, which I designed specifically for aspiring bloggers who want to get a headstart on building a profitable blog and bloggers who want to revamp their blogs. If you want to get crystal clarity on your blogging niche, purpose, and tribe, I highly recommend you enroll in this course (of course, I’m biased because I created it, but I truly believe this course will help you lessen the overwhelm and confusion in starting your blog because this is where I give you the STEP-BY-STEP process. You’re welcome ? ) This was also the month I moved into a new house to live independently (mostly because the signal in my Mom’s house is so crappy I actually had no choice but to go find somewhere else to stay so I can keep up with my online business).


I did a LOT of inner work this month. I was living alone on my new house so I got all the me-time I needed to reflect on my vision for Myrra Kate and myself (Woop, that sounded like I have a twin! Haha!) Also, this was the month I was offered an online full-time job as a writer. I decided to take the opportunity because I realized that in these early stages of my biz, I don’t want to solely depend on it for day-to-day expenses. For me, it was more practical that my personal expenses come from my personal profit (just for now) and my biz expenses will go to my business account.


Hey, it’s October 1st, 2019 as I am writing this so I have yet to collect memories this month! Needless to say, I sometimes forget to tap myself on the back and realize how far I’ve actually already come in just a few months. It’s too tempting to always be future-oriented and just go go go, but just staying still and looking back on the past few months (as I’m writing this now for you) makes me so proud of who I’ve become and so excited for what’s yet to come. Heck, when I think about the many people I’ve yet to help in creating breakthroughs in their blogs, businesses, and lives, it makes me so FREAKIN’ hyped!

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11 Things I Learned from my Experiences and Mistakes as a Blogger-Entrepreneur

As a blogger turned entrepreneur, it is safe to say that I’ve had lots of ups and downs in the four years I’ve been blogging and in the past few months since I’ve started my business. To spare you the pain, effort, time, and tears I’ve had to go through, please, it would mean the world to me if you take all these lessons by heart.

  1. Overnight success does not exist. When you see other people seem to get famous instantly, remember that they’ve had to go through many things to get there. It’s like an iceberg — the success you see is only the tip of it, there’s more beyond that. So, don’t compare yourself to other people’s middle. We all are on our own journeys.
  2. You really cannot please everyone. I was so afraid to niche down back then because that would mean other people won’t find value or have an interest in my posts anymore. But, to tell you the truth, we cannot be everyone’s cup of tea. Finding my niche as a blogger turned entrepreneur was one of the best things I’ve done to kickstart my blog-to-biz journey.
  3. Stay open and coachable. If I tried to be the know-it-all girl when I was still starting, I honestly wouldn’t have any progress as much as I did when I let myself learn from MANY people. I’ve sought out for mentors and coaches (both in business and life), read a lot of books, and took a lot of courses, and because of that, I’ve learned many things. And… I’m still continuously learning.
  4. BUT don’t take too much external advice. A little pro-tip in Lesson #3 is to remember that you don’t have to follow everything other people tell you to do. If a strategy or technique doesn’t feel authentic to you, don’t force yourself to do it. There are many ways you can show up and be successful as a blogger and online entrepreneur by being the YOUest you possible.
  5. Connect to your intuition and trust your gut. Believe me, prayer and meditation have been the two things I run to whenever I feel confused, lost, or just overwhelmed in my business and life. They alone have created miracles for me by just letting me tune into my higher self and know what the next step is.
  6. Know your values. Know what you stand for. There will be many things that will pop out throughout your journey as a blogger turned entrepreneur — opportunities, strategies, tools, resources, etc. There will be clients or students you won’t feel aligned with but would be tempting to say yes to. That’s why you have to be firm with your values. If anything isn’t aligned with them, have the courage to say no.
  7. Begin with the end in mind.” This is a favorite quote I have from author Stephen Covey. It applies to your blog, business, and life. I’ve identified my vision with where I want my blog and business to be and what impact I want to have in my life. I don’t put timelines on them but it definitely helps me keep that tunnel vision to my dreams.
  8. Know your WHY. If you’re a student of my course, Your Profitable Niche, this is the ONE main thing we work on first before diving into the many strategies and exercises to build the solid foundation for your blog. The reason for this is the same reason why travelers back in the day use a compass — it guides them, it keeps them on the right path. Your WHY is your compass and, trust me, you’ll have lots of detours. You need your compass to know exactly how to go back to the path you’re meant to be taking.
  9. Other people’s opinions can cripple you; don’t let them. There will be many people who will stop you, doubt you, or judge you. But, if you don’t give them permission to destroy your faith and your dreams, they never will. Just remember that your vision is only yours and yours to take care of, at least for now. People can’t see it yet but when they do, that’s a whole other story to tell.
  10. Stay true to what matters most. I’ve had a lot of burnouts and fallen into the traps of analysis paralysis, impostor syndrome, limiting beliefs and many more. The one main thing I learned is to keep holding onto what matters most. For me, that’s God, my family, my inner peace, and my general wellbeing. Anything else that takes away from that isn’t something I’d be pouring my time on especially because time is one of our biggest assets. Money, we can still take back. Time? We can never.
  11. You are always on the right path. If you have a burning desire, then you can rest assured you have everything WITHIN you already to make it happen. You see, I used to obsess over the “HOW” — how can I do this, how can I sell this offer, how am I even going to start a business, how is this even possible for me, etc. I’ve learned that when I surrender, when I let go of trying to control everything, and when I just bask in the fact that I am where I’m supposed to be, that’s usually when the MAGIC happens. That’s when God says, “let me take over now, my child”, and then, one day, you’ll be surprised you’re already in the destination. Don’t be afraid to surrender, my love.

I believe my journey as a blogger turned entrepreneur has just begun. Likewise, the best things in life for you, whether you’re also aiming to be a blogger turned entrepreneur, have yet to come. Believe in that.

I’ve learned that when I surrender, when I let go of trying to control everything, and when I just bask in the fact that I am where I’m supposed to be, that’s usually when the MAGIC happens. That’s when God says, “let me take over now, my child”, and then, one day, you’ll be surprised you’re already in the destination. Don’t be afraid to surrender, my love.

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If you’ve read this blog post till the very end, you’re the BEST! What number is your favorite lesson to take home? Screenshot this post and share it with me at @myrrakate on IG so I can repost it!

Shine bright,