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3 Mindset Shifts to Have to Be a Successful Course Creator

written by myrra kate

Launching a course successfully will require internal mindset shifts. As I always say, you can have all the best strategies in the world but they are all useless if your mindset is in the wrong place.

Success is indeed subjective. But in my perspective, being a successful course creator doesn’t mean you know EVERYTHING about your course topic. It also doesn’t mean you first have to achieve $10k++ launches or be able to afford the best course tech and softwares or hiring the best team. It‘s also not about perfect modules or perfect launch strategies or perfect sales funnels.

Course success is all about PROGRESSION. Being a successful course creator means you are able to achieve your course launch goals in the best and most aligned way possible for you. It means you were able to actually launch a course instead of being crippled with fear or procrastination and not being able to launch anything at all.

3 Mindset Shifts to Become a Successful Course Creator

You see, in order to be a successful course creator, you need to first overcome and shift some beliefs that have been holding you back from launching a course. Let’s talk about the three mindset shifts you can start acquiring now.

“Launching a Course Is Overwhelming” ➡️ “Launching a Course Is Simple”

You don’t need complicated strategies to launch a course. You don’t have to constantly worry about having the best marketing strategy and sales funnel for your course. You aren’t required to map out every little thing about your course launch down to the T.

Launching a course is supposed to be simple.

It IS simple.

IF you let it.

You only need a clear, effective roadmap — a step-by-step process — to help you out. More possibly a system by someone who has already gone through those same steps and got results.

Success leaves clues, you know?

So why reinvent the wheel when you can, in fact, learn from other people who’s already gone through the course creation process.

“I Need to Be Techie & Pro at Softwares to Launch a Course” ➡️ “You Don’t Need Expensive Tech to Launch a Course”

As much as you don’t need countless complicated strategies, you also don’t need to fancy and expensive tech to launch a course.

If you read this blog post, you’d learn that I didn’t spend an extra dime on softwares when I first launched a course.

Did it mean that my course was any less valuable to my students?

Not at all. In fact, ALL of my students got results from that course.

Did it mean that my course failed?

Nope. I did a post-course survey and my students absolutely LOVED the course.

That was my FIRST EVER launch. Instead of obsessing over the technicalities and figuring out the tech (which would obviously take A LOT of time), I just went straight to launching.

After launching and validating the sellability of my course, that’s when I got to work on the systems and updating the tech and so on.

Oh, believe me, it would’ve made my life so much easier if I spent so much on tech at that time.

But I knew that the first step I needed to take was to LAUNCH the course. When I did so, my mind stopped focusing on excuses and got to work.

“Everything About My First Course Has to Be Flawless” ➡️ “My First Course Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect”

Looking back, my first course was honestly not the best. I did a lot of things manually. I wished I became more unapologetic in selling so I could’ve enrolled more students. I wish I believed in my course more.

But when I look back, I also see my past self being so proud of actually launching a course, something that was on my mind for months before I actually did it.

When I first got my Paypal notification that someone invested in me, it was one of the happiest moments I’ve had — not because of the money but because of the fact that I overcame my biggest enemy at that time, myself.

Instead of being such a perfectionist, I took the leap and just did it.

Instead of planning endlessly, I just took the leap, launched and figured things out as I go.

So my point is — if this is your first time launching a course, DO NOT GET STUCK IN THE BEGINNING!

Do not stop yourself because of this and that (*insert the numerous excuses your mind comes up with when you’re gonna do something way out of your comfort zone*)

Because, in the end, what will matter more is that you took action, you grew, and you did SOMETHING.

Bonus Mindset Shift: It’s Okay to Ask for Help

It took me a long time to learn things at the start because I was trying to figure everything out on my own.

But if I could redo one thing, it’d be the fact that I’ll ask for help. I’ll invest in a course, coach or mentor that would give me the step-by-step process. That could’ve saved me tons of time.

So, right now, if you keep consuming free content, downloading too many freebies, or watching countless Youtube videos on launching a course, my advice would be: Don’t underestimate the power of investing in yourself.

It’ll save you tons of time and will give back the most ROI.

Your Next Step

Just imagine this — where would you be a year from now if you took the leap, followed a step-by-step process, and finally launched your course? Surely, you’re gonna be in a much better place from where you are now.

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