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3 Reasons Why You Should Launch a Course During This COVID-19 Time

written by myrra kate

Now, more than ever, we’re all being called to step up to the plate. We’re being called to help each other. We’re being called to be LEADERS.

If you’ve been a coach, blogger, content creator, influencer, or service-based entrepreneur/freelancer in the past few years, chances are you’ve seen how much this industry has changed and bloomed over the years.

But, as Scott Oldford (in his Recession-Proof Guide) said, the entire online industry — including the online education and coaching niche — has been secretly thriving before all the Coronavirus situation happened. Right now, however, it’s being awoken and will soon thrive in the mainstream because of everything that’s currently happening and changing in the economy.

In my perspective, this is not even about taking advantage of this situation. It’s far BEYOND that. No, this is what we’ve been preparing for ever since. This is about us taking a responsibility that’s bigger than ourselves. Because now, more than ever, so many people are looking for opportunities, for support, and for help. The question lies in — are we willing to show up for them?

When I began my journey as an online course coach, the WHY that’s given me that motivation and drive is my desire to build a life of travel and freedom. Just last year, if you scroll on social media, you’d be faced with countless people wanting the same desire as I had — the life of being a digital nomad, one who has the freedom to travel and spend time with their families without worrying about how they’re going to survive or pay the bills.

But seeing all that’s been happening, I’ve felt a need to pause and reflect on my WHY. It’s all very humbling and, needless to say, it forces us to THINK and think deeply. I honestly sometimes lie in bed and picture myself having a conversation with God and the first thing He says is — “It’s time to get to work on your purpose now.” When I heard that, I knew I couldn’t say no. I knew that this is indeed the perfect time to use and make the most whatever He has already given to me.

Why You Should Launch a Course During This COVID-19 Time

That’s the main reason I’ve become even more determined to help my audience launch their courses. If you feel the same way and you know you have the skill, expertise, experiences, or talents to share and teach to other people, this is the PERFECT time for you to do so. If you still end up asking why, here are three main reasons for you to launch a course during this COVID-19 time.

People Are Looking for Opportunities

So many people have been affected by this pandemic. It breaks my heart to see other people losing jobs and fearing to lose their jobs. If it’s possible to help all of them individually, I personally wish I could. But this is even more reason for us to stop feeling helpless and contribute in whatever way we can.

Because of the uncertainty that we’re all facing wherever we are in the world right now, so many people have now been opened to the world of online businesses. Being online coaches, content creators, and entrepreneurs don’t seem like odd jobs anymore. Soon enough, this will all go mainstream.

However, this spurt of opportunities also means countless people are in step 1 or 0 — the level where they’re scratching their heads wishing someone could help them start their own businesses or give them a step-by-step process on how or where to start.

Now, this HUGE number of people would possibly scare other more established entrepreneurs who may think this means more competition for them. Well, in my view, competition should be the least of your worries now. These people are looking for help and support and even if you’ve just started a few months ago (say, with your online business), that means you’re probably at step 3 or 4 and you can help those who totally have no idea where to start by leveraging online courses.

People Are at Home

The lockdowns have caused people to stay at home so transmissions of the virus will lessen. But let’s face it — that also means more people are at home using their gadgets, possibly scrolling through their social media apps. In fact, recent data says that social media usage has almost been doubled compared to last year’s usage.

See, more people are working and/or staying at home and although that doesn’t mean they’re not preoccupied with other things such as spending time with their families, working, or doing chores, it still means that they most probably have more time for themselves. Reading new books. Learning from online courses. Consuming educational content.

If you launch a course now, this is the time where your students can’t say they didn’t have time or they’re worried if your course is time-consuming.

More People Are Pursuing Their Passions (And Turning Them into Profit)

Uncertainty calls for preparedness and a desire for security. Related to what I said in reason #1, more people have now been awoken to the opportunity of turning their passions to profit. If pursuing their passions was only at the back of their minds before, right now, it’s already taking up space in their minds. They’re curious, interested, and determined.

Many people would do anything to make their journey easier and faster. They’re looking for step-by-step processes or frameworks they can follow and use, so they don’t have to waste time googling about how to do this or that.

They’re looking for clarity and direction. They’re looking for help, support, accountability, and community. They’re looking for people like you who could provide that through educational products like online courses.

If people used to spend money on vanity, luxury, and eating out before, they’re now more than ready and willing to invest in more important things such as education, knowledge products, online trainings, masterminds, and more.

The Next Step

I hope this blog post has given you a new perspective on online courses during this COVID-19 time. As you can see, this is the time for you to step into your role as a teacher and leader.

For your next step, I invite you to sign up for my FREE “Simple 3-Part Course Launch Framework” training that teaches you how to ditch the complicated strategies and launch your course with ease. If you want to learn the step-by-step process in launching a course so you can finally make passive income, this is perfect for you. This 22-minute training is going to change your perspective on online courses big-time.


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