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7 Tips and Things to Remember when You’re Stressed Out

written by myrra kate

School? College? Work? Organizations? With all the chaos of the present world, we forget that our body and mind also have their limitations. Stress out too much and there are great chances that you’ll suffer its consequences in the future. This post is for you (and me) who’s been stressing out about lots of things lately. We have to remember that life isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. Live lightly and live well.

1. You have to take a break sometimes.

Rest. Don’t abuse your mind and body thinking that they’re indefatigable. Even though the brain could continuously take in information amounting to 2.5 petabytes (million gigabytes) or almost 300 years worth of memories, according to Paul Weber of Scientific American, and although its capacity is difficult to calculate, it still has its limits. It’s not necessarily that we stop thinking and processing information but there will be times when we feel like we’re just so exhausted with everything – probably because we have numerous things to do. That’s exactly the time that you need to stop and rest for just a little while. Take a time off to refocus your mind, meditate, and remove all the worries and negativity.

2. Do some exercises.

It helps you release endorphins, which are basically the body chemicals aka neurotransmitters that make you happy. They are also responsible for why chocolates and bananas are your happy food. Exercises also give you the chance to focus on your body movements and forget, even for a little while, the things that are stressing you out. Also, it’s good for your health! Isn’t that enough reason to do it? 🙂

3. Everything shall pass.

This – whatever this is that’s stressing you out – is going to pass. Do not bother overthinking about the things that won’t even matter to you in a few years. Just take it all in and remember not to let it get to you.

4. Visualize.

Close your eyes. Think about your dreams or your happy thoughts as Peter Pan did. Think of that someone who makes you smile or a memory that gives you joy. Think of the bright possibilities of your future. It’s important to stay down to earth and remember the things that make you YOU, things that motivate you to move forward in life.

5. Read, listen to music, do the things you love.

Do the things you are passionate about and make it like a short detour from your normal routine. These things will help you destress and find some positivity in your life.

6. You’re getting there.

Whatever goals they are that you’re trying to achieve or whatever thing you have to finish before its deadline, remember that you’re almost there. You may not see the destination right now because stress and other things are blurring your path but know that even rain clouds go away. You’ve already been brave and strong enough to conquer some things so now is not the right time to quit. Keep going, love!

7. Everything happens for a reason.

Why stress out so much about things when you know that He already have a plan for your life even before you were even born? Why stress out when you know you have the best shield in the world – Him – and that He will never throw something in your life that He didn’t give you the strength to overcome? Why stress out when all you need to do is serve Him and let Him lead you through? There are so many reasons to remind yourself when the world seems to be exhausting you so much but to think that you are not alone and that God is with you, that’s probably enough to get you going in life.


These are all tips that I can give to you, guys, because to be honest, I’m also going through a lot right now – what with all the responsibilities and acad works. But anyhow, we’re all in this together! Live a happy life!




What do you usually do when you’re stressed out? Comment them below!