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Dear 2017

written by myrra kate

Dear 2017,

I have never believed so much in the capacity of dreaming and living as much as I did this year. You are the epitome of what more life has to offer. You are an answered prayer. You are the biggest plot twist. You are the turning point of my life.

A year ago, I was only staring at my horizons. I knew that there are beautiful things to reach beyond the ceiling but I was uncertain and unmotivated to push myself out there. I was pretty much a stagnant individual – living in the borders of the world, the edge of the cliff, scared to move and never really wanting to take the risk and fall.

I was going through the same routines of life. I kept on doing the things which, I know, are already comfortable for me to do. Wake up. Eat. Study. Survive the rest of the day. Blog. Sleep. Then repeat. It was a vicious cycle that I’ve never even realized as vicious. It wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t feeding my soul. I knew that if I was unhappy (even not entirely) with where I was, then the only choice was to move.

There are two directions. Either backward or forward.

Life indeed runs out of our faith and choices. Luckily, my choice was to move forward. I knew that whatever I was going to face was going to be challenging. It was like walking into a storm when it seemed like I was blindfolded.

But isn’t that what life is after all? A storm of uncertainty with blindfolded humanity whirling around it?

In this year-starter blog post, you can read the lines I kept as a promise to myself. I wrote,

“This 2017, I will be bare. I will pour out my heart and my soul to everything I do… No more holding back. Enough of standing just on the edge of the cliff. This 2017, I will let myself fall from it. And I will soar. I will fly and reach the heights I never thought I could. Stop with merely dreaming and start doing.”

Besides that, I made a list of my life goals and the goals I have for this year. I kept a planner organized with my tasks for the day and the week and tried to be as productive as I could. I have made it clear to myself that I have to take little steps towards the goals I have set. I focused on them and believed that I can and I will. In short, I actually did start doing instead of merely dreaming.

That made all the difference.

Although the first half of my year was pretty challenging and hectic, nothing made me sway from the goals I wanted to achieve. Nothing made me lose faith. Nothing made me doubt that my dreams cannot happen, especially because, in the back of my mind, I knew God has my back. I knew I was never alone and you can imagine how empowering that was for me.

And so, 2017, thank you for happening. Thank you for opening countless doors and opportunities for me. Thank you for igniting the dreamer in me. Thank you for every moment of every day – may it be good or bad. Thank you for the people I met and the places I have been to. And thank you for passing by.

You may be leaving now but another year is here to come. Another rise of hope and faith for the best. Another beginning to welcome. Another chapter to unravel.

You are not to be forgotten, 2017. The people. The places. The lessons. The moments. The tears, laughter, and smiles. The memories, of course.

I will take them all with me as I cross over to 2018.

Lots of love,


To all my readers and followers, thank you so much for the support, the love, and the appreciation. My works are so close to my heart and your support gives me more reasons to keep on doing the thing I love the most – writing. Happy new year loves! I want to remind you all that you are beautiful people and that you are loved. What is your main goal for next year, by the way? Comment down below!