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Don’t Know Where to Get Started in Launching a Course? Start Here.

written by myrra kate

Do you have NO idea where to get started in launching a course? Do you feel lost and stuck in the same place even when you’re constantly consuming content online? Do you feel like you’re not making progress with your course launch at all?

If so, you’re not alone.

To be fair, the beginning stage is almost always the hardest part of anything.

In this case, launching a course has probably been in your mind for quite some time. You’ve most likely heard of how beneficial it is if you want to build passive income streams online. But, the problem doesn’t necessarily lie in not having any idea what courses are. The problem is in pushing yourself to start and building momentum afterward.

So, if you’re looking for help on knowing where to begin in launching your course, this blog post is for you. I have a few key advice that you won’t want to miss out on.

Where to Get Started in Launching Your Course

Launching a course, as I’ve always said, is supposed to be simple. You don’t have to overthink and overcomplicate the process because that’s actually what causes you to delay or procrastinate on it. Instead of compiling a mile high of resources and webinars and strategies telling you different things, I invite you to focus only on ONE thing, which I’ll tell you more in a sec.

I know it’s counter-intuitive, but it’s actually the most efficient way of starting your course creation journey. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm yourself with too many things to do that you end up even more confused and resistant to launching a course.

Just focus on one thing. You’ll thank me later. ?

Mapping Your Course Foundations

If you’ve watched my free training on the Simple 3-Step Course Launch Framework for you to apply in launching a course (not yet signed up? click here), you’ve already heard about this — mapping your course foundations.

It is the first step in my 3-Step Framework because without doing this, your course is bound to fail.

That’s how important it is.

So what exactly is mapping your course?

Mapping your course foundations is the phase in which you focus on the essentials of your course. If buildings have foundations to make them strong, your course has them too. These are technically the core ingredients of a successful and transformational online course.

Three Things to Identify Your Course Foundations

The three things you need to effectively map your course are:

  1. A specific ideal student
  2. A concrete course transformation
  3. A messaging & positioning that stands out

A Specific Ideal Student

You need to know who your course is going to serve and who it is going to be marketed to.

It’s important to be as specific as you can be with this because this is where you can pinpoint what your audience needs and what the gaps are in the market for you to cater to in your course. Even if your course the most well-planned and well-designed course in the world, if it doesn’t really answer to a need of your ideal audience, I’m sorry to say but it’s most probably not going to sell.

A Concrete Course Transformation

What is the outcome and transformation that students will get once they enroll in your course?

It’s important to have crystal clear on this as you get started in launching a course because this is the main starting point of how your potential students will decide whether or not to enroll in your course. This is also the main thing you’ll use and emphasize throughout your marketing and launch efforts. Why? Because people care more about the results of your course than they do with how big your audience is, or how expensive your course tech is, or even the fact that this is your first course or not.

They care about the TRANSFORMATION. End. of. story.

A Messaging & Positioning That Stands Out

Let’s face it — there are TONS of courses out there.

You’re most likely not the first person to ever make a course about the topic you’ve chosen to focus on. Chances are your ideal audience is making a choice not only based on your course transformation but also based on who they trust more.

Here’s an analogy for you — who would you buy from? A random sales agent who approached you in a mall or your best friend who you’ve known for years? The friend, right?

That’s because of the trust factor. You know your friend wouldn’t let you down. You know she’s true to her word. You’ve seen how she’s acted with integrity ever since. So you’ll most likely believe her when she says that a product is good for you because of x, y, z.

This is why positioning and messaging are keys to mapping your course foundations.

Your Next Step

Of course, these are the first steps you’re taking as you get started in launching a course. Mapping your course foundations is, in fact, the first part of my 3-Part Course Compass framework which I discuss more in my FREE training.

For your next step, I invite you to sign up for my FREE “Simple 3-Part Course Launch Framework” training that teaches you how to ditch the complicated strategies and launch your course with ease. If you want to learn the step-by-step process in launching a course so you can finally make passive income, this is perfect for you. This 22-minute training is going to change your perspective on online courses big-time, so don’t miss out!


To your course success,