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Read This If Impostor Syndrome Is Stopping You From Launching a Course

written by myrra kate

Have you ever felt like a fraud for teaching people what you love? Have you ever felt scared that maybe someone out there’s going to call you out or expose you for being a fake? Have you ever heard a voice in your head that says you’re not good enough to launch a course?

That, my friend, is the impostor syndrome at work.

And don’t worry — you’re definitely not alone.

Every entrepreneur in the world has either gone through or is still going through the impostor syndrome, most especially female entrepreneurs. Trust me, the most successful leaders and celebrities of all time — like Arianna Huffington, Emma Watson, or Maya Angelou — still admit that they hear that impostor monster’s voice every now and then.

I experience it myself, too. Sometimes, I cry about it. But most times, I just ignore it.

Because here’s the thing — does it mean we let it win over us just because we can’t get rid of it?

Not at all!

It’s not about entirely overcoming it for the rest of your life but it’s more so about how you deal with impostor syndrome as a course creator or an aspiring one.

If impostor syndrome is stopping you from launching a course, read on! This blog post is for YOU.

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How to Deal With Impostor Syndrome as a Course Creator

According to an article in The Cut, you can diagnose yourself with impostor syndrome if you have a belief that you don’t deserve or you can’t replicate your success, no matter competent or skillful you are. You’ve already had a lot of past achievements but you’re feeling like you didn’t work for them or you didn’t deserve them.

You’re most probably here because you’ve been planning to launch your own signature course but you can’t. The impostor syndrome is making you stuck.

You feel like you’re not “expert” enough to teach what you love and launch a course about it. You feel like you haven’t worked with enough clients to say that it’s finally time for you to package your coaching programs to an online course. You think you need to have thousands of followers first as if to say that more followers mean more people think you’re credible enough already.

I see you, girl. I’ve been there myself.

So here are the three ways you can deal with impostor syndrome as a course creator.

Internalize the “I Am Enough” Mindset

Are you constantly bringing yourself down? Do you feel like hiding back in your shell when someone compliments you or your work? Do you always compare yourself with the people in your niche or other entrepreneurs when you scroll through your IG feed?

It’s time to check in with yourself and your self-talk. Be mindful of everything you’re thinking or telling yourself. Stop pulling yourself down with your own thoughts or words.

A practical tip for you to do is start repeating “I am enough” to yourself when you’re in front of the mirror. Look into one of your eyes (it may be odd at first but you’ll get used to it) and feel the feeling of being enough. Compliment yourself for the little or big things.

You don’t need anyone’s validation to feel enough. God made you whole even before you were born. God made you the way you are — flaws and mistakes included — for His purpose. If He looks at you and sees a wonderful human being, why wouldn’t you?

The world says you have to have millions of followers, a perfect body or a flawless skin for you to show up to your audience. But if you feel called to teach others what you love and launch your own course, you don’t need ANYTHING else but that passion and determination. You’ve already got everything you need WITHIN you to launch a course.

Focus on the Reverse Gap

One of the factors that impostor syndrome is taking a toll in your life is because you keep comparing yourself with other people’s timelines and you worry about what the future holds.

Instead of doing that, I invite you to focus on the Reverse Gap — the gap from where you used to be to where you are now.

If you look back and see just how much you’ve gone through and achieved, you’ll find yourself feeling grateful. You’ll actually be proud of yourself and grateful that God led you to where you are now despite all the blocks that you had to overcome before.

So, list down everything you’ve overcome, achieved or done for the last 3-5 years! Build up your confidence by knowing that you’ve got so much potential in you.

You’ve achieved so much already and — you know what the best thing is? — the best is yet to come for you, especially as a course creator. God still has so much in store for you!

Shift Your Perspective About the Impostor Phenomenon

Come to think about it, we really cannot fully get rid of the impostor syndrome no matter how successful we become. But, we can definitely use it to our advantage and shift our perspective around it!

In order to deal with impostor syndrome as a course creator, you can instead choose to see it as a constant push for your to improve yourself rather than seeing it as a bad thing that’ll just stress you even more.

So, the next time you feel the impostor monster whispering (or screaming) in your ears that you’re not good enough to launch a course, tell it to shut up because you know you ARE good enough no matter what it says. And from there, use that as a fuel to motivate you to ACTUALLY get out of your head and finally launch that course idea you’ve been dying to launch ever since.

Your Next Step

Do these consistently as you deal with impostor syndrome as a course creator and there’ll come a time when it can’t affect you or stop from being the best that you can be anymore. It’ll just be a whisper in your head and it can’t take a hold of you anymore.

If you’re ready to CONQUER that impostor monster and finally launch your course with ease, here’s what you have to do next.

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