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launch a course as a course creator now

by myrra kate

Online Course Consultant

I create courses for busy & burned out entrepreneurs

Are you ready to launch wildly successful online courses that bring in consistent passive income? 💖

You wake up to payment notifications saying that you made money even without you desperately chasing clients anymore.

You have the financial freedom not to work with toxic and demanding clients because you got $$$ in the bank.

Your friends and family notice that you are more relaxed with your work and have more time and energy to take vacation trips with them without worrying about paying the bills.

this is what's possible for you, too!

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Jenna, Christian Entrepreneur & Social Media Manager

"Meeting Myrra was an answered prayer! ...Through Myrra’s help, I’m able to apply principles about audience building, my sales pathway, writing specific goals, and get advice from Myrra with the (course) plans I have.

I have tried several coaches and courses but with Myrra, I’m learning without pressure but with utmost support and undivided attention. I’m still learning now, but I am more confident in my course and reaching my audience.

I highly recommend Myrra to someone who is just starting out and have no idea what they’re doing!”