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What Gets People to Invest in a Course

written by myrra kate

There’s a big difference between free content and an online course, as I already mentioned in this blog post.

Free content is obviously everywhere. You type in what you’re searching for in Google or Youtube and you’re facing a decision dilemma — Which one should I click? Where should I start first?

Clearly, you can get information everywhere. So why do other people choose to invest in a course when they can get the information for free?

So why must YOU launch a course then?

The answer lies in the fact that your potential customers/students are most likely out there looking for a course.

There are two types of people:

  1. The people who value MONEY over TIME – These are the people who are most likely to consume too much free content. They HAVE time, so they’re willing to spend too much of that time figuring things out on their own. I mean, if this is you, no judgment of course! I get that this type of person would want to save their money because they may have other priorities. But then, we have the second type of people.
  2. The people who value TIME over MONEY – These people get resourceful and wouldn’t mind spending money just to save time. They know they’ve got other more important things to do with their time (i.e. spending it with their family). So instead of consuming too much content out there, they invest in tools that will get them a system that will make their lives easier. They don’t want to figure things out on their own anymore, so they invested in someone or something that can give them the step-by-step process. They know this has more ROI because, with money, they can get it back. Time, however, can’t be earned back.

Again, there’s no superior or inferior between these two types. There are personal and valid reasons why you may be the first or second type of person.

Most likely though, at some point, people at Type 1 moves over to Type 2 and chooses to take a leap. They know that free content can only get them to a certain point as they piece everything out on their own, so they set aside their ‘ego’ and asked for help.

So, now that you know that, let’s get to know why people invest in a course.

Reasons Why People Invest in a Course

Courses answer to the second type of people. These are the people who are likely to invest in digital products, coaches, or mentors. They value their TIME over MONEY.

Does this mean they’re all “rich” (i put that in quotations because the word itself is subjective) because they can afford to spend their money? Not at all.

I know people who became resourceful when it comes to investing in themselves and their businesses. I know people who took the lowest payment plans just to invest and made their investment back (and even double!) after a few weeks.

I myself invested in courses and hiring a coach when I was still a working student! Without those investments, I may not have put skin in the game that made me determined to push through. But you see, instead of taking years figuring out everything on my own, I took that leap because I knew that the ROI is not just money. Most importantly, the ROI is time. In my first year in business? I secured $4k++ as an entrepreneur!

So here’s why people invest in a course:

A Roadmap or Step-By-Step Process

Courses deliver information in a more organized and systematic way than any free content ever will.

When you invest in a course, you don’t need to search for the next step and the next step and the next. You’re given a clear path and a roadmap to follow to get to the outcome of that course.

This is the biggest part of why people invest in a course. They’re tired of having no idea where to start in getting to where they want to be, so they get someone’s expertise — his/her tried and tested signature framework — and follow that which saves them a hella time!


Courses give support to potential students in various ways, mostly depending on the course creator.

Some course platforms have a question or comment section where students can input their questions which the course creator can answer. Some course creators upsell their courses or give additional bonuses like a Voxer access, an intensive call, a bonus group coaching call for all students after the course, etc.

The fact that students can ask a question and take an expert’s advice or pick his/her brain for it makes people invest in a course.


When your customer/student clicks that “enroll now” button, they’re already a transformation going on within them at that moment. The fact that they decided to invest and put skin in the game makes them even more committed and determined to achieve the outcome of that course.

It surely took a level of courage for them to invest, but that’s because they’re READY for it — to become the person they see themselves to be after taking the course.

This itself makes them feel more accountable for themselves and for their results. Additionally, they may also get extra accountability with how the course creator decides to deliver the course.


Some DIY courses leave it at that. Once a student buys a course, that’s it. They can do it themselves. After all, it’s DIY (do it yourself), right?

But, this is where having a community is impactful in a course. The course becomes not only a platform to learn, but also a place to socialize with like-minded people and bounce ideas off each other.

This is why community is also a reason why people invest in a course. They want to go through the course with other people who understand their journey. It makes them feel like they’re not going through it alone anymore.

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