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Are You Ruining Your Business By Consuming Too Much Content?

written by myrra kate

It’s 1 AM and I’m on my bed with my laptop on my lap, trying to make sense of the world again.

You know those thoughts you randomly have when it’s past midnight? Those deep realizations that seem to pop out of nowhere?

Well, tonight’s the night those kinds of thoughts choose to surface and I’m absolutely willing to share them with you.

As entrepreneurs in this new age where “laptop lifestyle” and “digital nomads” are officially a thing, we are taught a lot of things. We scroll through our Instagram feeds and get this surge of people talking about new marketing techniques and updated strategies to build our businesses. We check our Facebook and see countless people advertising their offers and hosting live trainings on Facebook groups. We check our Youtube and get hours of content teaching us all the things we ought to know as entrepreneurs (or else, they say we’re bound to fail).

We’re bombarded with all this information and somehow, we’re expected to piece them all together by ourselves like a jigsaw puzzle — only that the pieces just keep adding up. It just never ends.

Because hey, we see a new strategy and tell ourselves, “Oh shoot, I need to try that too or else, I may be missing out.”

That FOMO or fear of missing out keeps us in the cycle of this “shiny object syndrome” so what happens is… we can never really complete the jigsaw puzzle. Because it’s all a mess in our heads.

You see, after consuming all these content and literally being drowned in an ocean of information, we somehow forget who we are. We forget the fact that we all have everything we need WITHIN us already.

The things we hear — “do this, do that, try this, buy that, etc” — make us feel like everything we need to succeed is always one step ahead of us. So, we keep chasing it and then, wonder why we’re so exhausted and burnt out at the end of the day.

So here’s a suggestion for you:

Stop overcomplicating the process and consuming too much content that makes you even more confused than you already are.

Building your business or launching your course doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to feel forced out of us because we’re told that we should try this strategy or else we’re going to fail.

It IS supposed to be simple. And fun, too!

Notice, I didn’t say it’s supposed to be easy because there are things we need to do and overcome in order for us to grow as entrepreneurs. We have to stretch out our comfort zones after all.

The point is — your belief that building a business or launching your course is supposed to be difficult is holding you back from your greatest success.

With this belief, you are subconsciously wiring your brain to think too much about the process instead of having fun with it, which ends up with these two results:

  1. You’re stressing out over the things you have to do and the strategies you have to try.
  2. You’re crippled with your fear-induced procrastination so you feel like you can’t start the business or launch your course without knowing and mapping out EVERYTHING about it.

And the sad thing is, there are too many people out there (idk, perhaps including you?) who are suffering from these things never being able to grasp their full potential.

So please, if you’re aiming to launch that course or build that business or do that thing, you don’t have to know everything about it before you can start. Do it the other way: Start and figure things out along the way. Better yet, follow the steps of someone who’s already walked that path. Don’t get distracted by the detours though, and keep your eyes on that tunnel vision.

I believe in you,


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