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hey, i'm myrra.

I help service providers launch wildly successful online courses...

Using a simplified process taken from the Course Compass Framework.

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hey there!

I'm Myrra Kate.

Myrra is an online course creator & strategist helping female coaches, experts, and service-based entrepreneurs package their expertise and skills into profitable & successful online courses.

From being a lifestyle & travel blogger since 2015, she was able to monetize her blog with courses and make an impact to the lives of her students. She’s a Jesus-lover, wanderlust, and mindset geek, who finds herself on a mission to help and empower thousands of women to fulfill their fullest potential & make their dreams happen.

Helping female experts & entrepreneurs build transformational online courses

You've probably downloaded tons of freebies & joined countless webinars already, but you still feel overwhelmed & lost in the course creation process. If you're READY to launch your course without burnout & complicated strategies so you can free up more time and make a bigger income & impact, you’re in the right place. Friend, it’s time!