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Do You Need Fancy Tech to Launch a Course?

written by myrra kate

Today, I want to debunk a huge myth when it comes to launching an online course.

A lot of people — perhaps including you — think that you have to have fancy-schmancy course launch tech, systems, and platforms for you to be able to launch a course. You think you have to pay for all these softwares and outsource everything to professionals. And then you worry about how you’re going to do them all, so you just end up not pushing through.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you DON’T need complicated and expensive course launch tech for you to start an online course business.

How can I say this? Okay, listen, here’s how I launched my very first online course.

My First Online Course Without Spending a Dime on Tech

My very first online course was not at all fancy.

As I said in this blog post, I wish I could tell you everything about that launch was smooth and savvy but no, it wasn’t.

But was it worth it? Doing almost everything manually in launching my first ever course?


If I didn’t launch by then even before I was completely ready and before I can even afford to pay for software and other course launch tech, I probably wouldn’t have been able to launch anything up until now. As the popular quote states, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Well, launching my first course was the step that I needed to do.

So in a gist, here’s how I launched my first course:

  • I created my sales page in my website where I already bought the domain and paid the hosting anyway so I didn’t have to spend anything.
  • I used Paypal as a free payment system for when people buy my course.
  • I used Mailchimp email list platform and manually sent my onboarding emails for my students.
  • I uploaded my modules in a closed Facebook group and used that group for engagements, community & additional support for my students
  • I used Google forms to send out my feedback survey and testimonial form.

So tell me — did I need a fancy and expensive tech to launch my course?

I obviously did not. ??‍♀️

Do You Need to Worry About Your Course Launch Tech?

Your course launch tech (i.e. email list platform, payment systems, course platforms, etc.) is just one of the many factors that you have to think about when launching your course. But, it’s definitely not the LEAST of your worries especially if you’re just starting out as a course creator!

Do you know what you should actually be focusing on if you want to launch a course?

Your course idea and the core foundations of launching a course!

Is your course topic actually profitable?
Who exactly are you going to sell to?
What’s the outcome and transformation of your course?
Can your audience clearly see that they NEED your course?

Those are just some of the questions you need to have crystal clear answers to when you’re launching a course. Here’s the thing — your potential students care more about the RESULTS and TRANSFORMATION of your course than the fancy tech or features of your course.

After all, the tech is all going to be useless if you’ve got no students to teach to, right? Got it? ?

Your Next Step

Are course tech and complicated strategies holding you back from launching a course? It’s time to let that limiting belief go, my love! They’re totally not worth stressing over especially when there’s a SIMPLER way to do it which I teach in my membership program, Course Compass.

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To your course success,